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A million thanks for all your prayers and support for our  last mission to Stockholm, Sweden. All the prayers were answered and more! Provision for all our needs was met one week before we left the USA, my health (6 months pregnant) was excellent and I had more energy than ever before, our  intimacy with Jesus was strong- we both came home more in love with Jesus and each other, and finally, salvations, healings, and miracles were present all throughout the trip! We hope you can feel our excitement just reading this  letter. One page is not enough to share with you all that we saw God do so we  will give some highlights and would be delighted to share the photo album and talk with anyone who desires to hear more of what God did with two ordinary people who dared to believe God for extraordinary things- it's that simple- no special gimmick! God is requiring child-like faith of us in this hour. It was fun  to grab God's hand and be a child again in Sweden; to believe God could give us  this nation and heal this land with His power!

The preaching of the word was strong and effective. Even as  Neil preached healings were present and people began to raise their hands and  tell of what was going on in their bodies! One woman just started crying out  that all the pain in her eyes that she suffered with for so long was gone!  Another man came forward who could not use his arm to hold his cereal box that  morning and could now lift it high above his head pain free! As words of  knowledge were coming about specific illnesses, people were coming forward to  receive deliverance and healing. One woman with severe respiratory problems had died the night before; fortunately the doctors were able to revive her. She was  brought to our meeting by a friend and as she was gasping for air Jesus had  compassion and healed her. As she was healed she could not quit laughing and falling over. Even as she gave her testimony the following Sunday before the congregation, she had to be held up because she was falling to the floor laughing with joy. We have since received a letter from her friend. In the letter was the full doctors report on the severity of what she was diagnosed with and the healing! She is now out on the streets healing others and proclaiming what God has done for her. Now that's revival!

Overall, there were hundreds of healings, Muslims came to  Christ, young people dedicated their lives to Christ, many Christians re-dedicated their lives to Jesus as they received healing and accurate  prophetic words. We could go on but we don't have space. Overall, there were hundreds of healings, Muslims came to Christ, young people dedicated their lives  to Christ, many Christians re-dedicated their lives to Jesus as they received healing and accurate prophetic words.

Neil Preaching at Oasis Church

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